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Born in Rockford, Illinois, Rob is one of eight children of Higinio and Josephine Romero. As a child growing up, he enjoyed going to the movies with his mom. He enjoyed this because he did not hang out with other kids his age because he felt like an outcast. You would never know it today but Rob lived a very shy life. It was not until he would meet his wife Lori in 1991, that he would begin to break out of his shell. She was his driving force to tackle his shyness! She convinced him while working for Ring Container as a forklift driver and at UPS as an air package employee, to seek the position of a Supervisor. Since she knew he did a great job and that if he was promoted to a leadership position, this would be the best ammunition to break his shyness barrier.  He applied himself and was promoted as supervisor at both of his jobs. As he began to lead employees, the wall of shyness soon fell. It was during this time of his life that he would try acting. In 1994, his sister in law approached him about helping her on a school class project, this project was a commercial and this excited him . He would portray multiple characters’ in her class project called 'Robbie’s Baby Bath System' and this project earned an 'A' in the class. In 2003, Rob would act in various  safety videos for the Rockford UPS Air ramp facility. By bringing certain safety topics to film, it helped the employees to receive the safety message the corporation stressed out in visual form. Rob is now the Warehouse Manager at Ring and is the father of 5 children,  from 4 to 20 years old. The oldest is Rob's biological child. Four children were proudly adopted from the foster care system. Rob and his wife Lori are foster parents in Illinois, since, 2004.
 In 2010, Rob would meet film maker Travis Legge via Facebook, Mr. Legge would allow Rob to portray a zombie in the short film 'Widdershins'. After playing the role of a zombie, Rob  caught the acting bug with a deep passion. Rob was called upon for his first speaking role in another Travis Legge film 'Holiday Carvings'. In this short film, he would portray the cannibal Daddy alongside actress Deneen Melody. From this point on, through the social network sites Facebook and Twitter he would soon network out to many actors and film makers across the country.  In 2011, Rob would meet film maker Wyatt Elliott of Notebook Entertainment.  He gave Rob a role in the romantic comedy short film 'Apply Within' and would have him star in multiple skits on Mr. Elliott’s you tube series 'FML'
With video footage from short films, 'Holiday Carvings' and 'Apply Within', Rob would begin to obtain other film opportunities. James Warbington would give Rob the role of Doc Harrison in the short film 'The Black Earth', this film was the pilot film, of the now, soon to be released feature film of the same name.  Rob would star once again as a zombie in a feature film called 'Planet Dead' by Larry Green. With the last name of Romero many film makers would ask Rob was he related to the famous Zombie film maker George Romero.  Rob wished he was, but, he is of no relation.  Shafeeq Muhammad would cast Rob for the role of Doctor Foley in the feature film 'Parapelgiclist', soon to be released by Block Films. In 'Wyatt Trash the Devils Spittoon' Rob played the role of the camp ground leader, Meyer, in this comedy film.
In 2012, many roles would come Rob’s way, beginning with the short films the 'Christmas Mummy' from Screaming like Banshees, which he portrayed a douche bag bouncer and in 'Static Nothing Machine' from Planet 9 Cereal, he would play  a crazy weatherman.  Rob would play the role of Randy in the feature film 'Matthew Cichella’s Poetic' by Never Submit Entertainment. This film had its world premiere in Rockford and is currently in distribution talks. For the feature film 'Ride Along' by Indept Pictures, this would be Rob's first voice-over role, he portrayed a man on the phone. One day, he would like to do cartoon voices. For the feature film 'Vigilante' from Nine Stream Productions, Rob starred in the role of Marty Cofax, a lowlife criminal, who actually, only lasted a short time in the film. Rob would fall in love with this character . The role of Marty Cofax has become a staple and now a short film around this character been written by Rob, and a  2013 release is July 2oth. Check out trailer in Videos
Some upcoming roles are Whom I Fear and Inventing Karma. In Whom I Fear Rob will play Michaels Father and in Inventing Karma he will portray Detective Gomez. The next film in the works by Rob and Richard Bunch is called Mendacity.
Rob's daughter Lexie has also followed in her dad's footsteps' and is also an aspiring actress and model. Rob is proud to have her begin so young and will support her throughout her career. He is currently writing a script for her called 'the Diary', this film is about a child, who, if she does not get what she wants, then, through her writings in her diary, her writings change the outcome of what she wanted it to have been. And through phenomena, it changes the past.
One subject dear to Rob's heart is Down Syndrome awareness, his son Hayden has Downs. From the exposure of being an actor, Rob, with the assistance of multiple actors, they are in the final stages of filming a Down Syndrome awareness film called 'We are Real People Too'. This film will contain myths and facts about Down syndrome and there will be a photo slideshow of children and adults who were born with downs with special quotes from their loved ones. Rob has a Facebook page for Down syndrome awareness as well, the URL address is!/pages/Down-Syndrome-Support-page/151730971566510?fref=ts please visit and share to help Rob Support this cause.
No longer the shy guy, Rob has broken out of the shell and there is more exciting adventures on the horizon for him.You can learn more about Rob Romero at his Facebook fan page



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